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May 2012

Foil Laser Warning Labels added to my shop!

You can now purchase custom foil warning labels in a variety of wavelengths and powers to suit your needs

Just visit my shop to purchase yours



January 2012

Lazershows has just improved its 1000mw 445nm modules and lowered the price. The beam has gone from 5mm at aperture to 4mm x 3.5mm, so this module now packs and even bigger punch!

You can purchase these modules from our online shop.


December 2011

Lazershows are now selling custom made high quality aluminium 3.8mm and 5.6mm laser diode housings.

Perfect for building your own red or blue laser modules.


October 2011

Here at Lazershows we are not afraid to show you our work and the inside of our modules.

We were asked by a customer to build a 10 diode 445nm laser module, the customer wanted as much power as possible but in a usable beam.

So we set to work designing a module and the results can be seen below -

The Module produces about 7watts of 445nm laser light in a 5mm by 5mm beam @ 1.2mR



October 2011

Lazershows is the official supplier of 445nm laser modules to Laser Know How


August 2011

Lazershows is please to announce its online shop is now open for business, selling high powered 445nm laser modules